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Enlisting Other Manufacturing Products From Clastek

Clastek takes pride in not only manufacturing auto related complementing and accessory products but has also extended its role to the home appliances and medical industry.  There are varieties of other products that Clastek specialises in and some of them are listed here for the benefit of customers.,

Speaker cover

Clastek offers professional speaker enclosures and covers speaker and headset manufacturing with injection mould making and injection moulding. Clastek records the moulding report to analyze the plastic speaker cover mould quality and use the right parameter for mass production.

Fog lamp cover

Fog lamp covers from Clastek are very professional and fit for both the automotive as well as house hold appliances industry. With injection moulding technology used, we have embraced the concept of zero defect policy.


Clastek is well-versed in manufacturing hanger moulds and has accumulated much experience over the years. We undertake bulk orders for those textile houses and retail markets that require hangers by huge numbers. Our hangers are highly durable and are corrosion and breakage free.  Our hanger moulds enjoy long life and a short delivery time. It offers increased strength while ensuring that the material costs are very reasonable. The competitive rates and high quality ensure that our clients are able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Storage Trays

Package and storage trays from Clastek are used mostly in vehicles and also at homes. These easy to fit trays can be mounted between seats in a car or can be mounted between fittings at homes. These are designed to meet specific needs of the clients. These storage trays are engineered to support small articles placed upon them. Hence, they are rigid and made of highly durable materials. For automakers these trays can be customised and delivered to suit the space and requirements.