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Clastek’s Interior Parts Manufacturing

Clastek is a leader in providing interior modules to the global automotive industry, using the latest technologies, materials and concepts. We design, engineer, and manufacture, a wide variety of automotive interior products that includes tanks, fenders, radiator tanks, seat covers, door trims, fog lamp moulds, etc. We give the topmost priority to our customers’ needs and requirements, which has made us one of the renowned names for delivering high quality assemblies to automakers around the world. Some of the products manufactured by us are mentioned below..


Bezel grades from Casltek are optimized to provide very high stability and very low thermal degradation during the moulding process. This has been one of the primary reasons for achieving very low to nil rejection rates during the production process.

Front door trim

We produce front door trims for major automakers in the Asian and US markets. Right from the design to the just-in-time assembly, the entire process is handled by us. We use lightweight material to make the vehicle lighter and more fuel efficient. The door panel assemblies are stressed sandwich structures that can be bonded effectively to the inner as well as outer structural skins.

Door Trim Arm Rest

We manufacture both the front door and rear door trim armrests. Door armrests are ergonomically designed for comfort and easy access. A variety of lightweight and environmentally responsible materials are used including thermoplastics, thermoplastic composites, and fibre-reinforced polyurethanes that provide both acoustic- and energy-absorbing properties.

Seat Covers 

We specialise in quality automotive custom form-fitting seat covers for front AND rear seats of most cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. All of our patterns are hand-crafted and tested to ensure each one meets our rigorous requirements as to fit, function and safety prior to leaving our facilities.

Radiator Tanks

Clastek offers a range of long lasting, dependable & high performance radiator tanks. They are corrosion resistant, lighter in weight, stronger and more efficient to transfer the coolant. Tests are carried out at the factory for use of tanks under most adverse and difficult conditions in different terrains.

Top Tanks & Bottom Tanks

Its Light weight and Corrosion resistant, hence facilitates higher fuel efficiencies. Design allows maximum fuel holding capacity in minimum amount of space. Top tanks and bottom tanks from Clastek are recyclable, puncture resistant, enjoy a longer life and are aesthetically attractive.